Pricing: ArchivePro

Compare TimeCam.TV Express and ArchivePro services.

Pricing for our archive service is based on the size of the archived images.
You can select any level up to the size of the resolution of your camera.

(Prices are for the service only, our service connects to your camera.
If you do not have a camera, we recommend Axis Cameras.
Archive Pro 1MP$179.00 / month
Images up to 1 Megapixel, including 640x480.
Archive Pro 3MP$199.00 / month
Images up to 3 Megapixels. (2048 x 1536)
Archive Pro 5MP$239.00 / month
Images up to 5 Megapixels. (2560 x 1920)
Archive Pro 8MP$319.00 / month
Images up to 8 Megapixels. (3264 x 2448)
Archive Pro 12MP$399.00 / month
Images up to 12 Megapixels. (4000 x 3000)


Time-lapse Video For Download$399.00
An HD resolution video file (AVI, MP4, MOV or WMV format) for playback on a computer.
Plus an embeddable web video. Delivered via download.
DVD Time-lapse Video$499.00
3 copies of a Video DVD with an auto looping movie.
Plus a standard video file (AVI, MP4, MOV or WMV format) for playback on a computer at full resolution.
Plus an embeddable web video. Delivered via post.
Complete Image Archive on USB Harddrive$399.00
You can always download your images for free via the TimeCam.TV Manager.
But we also offer a USB harddrive (yours to keep) image archive. Shipping is included.
Archive View Pack$99.00 / month
Is your camera too popular? Additional bandwidth can be purchased in $99.00 increments.
This will not necessary for most accounts.

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