Construction Camera Service with Time Lapse

Use TimeCam enhanced cameras to monitor, archive and review the progress of your projects, anywhere in the world. A public time lapse will maximize project visibility and engage stakeholders.
You provide a camera, we take care of the rest.             Pricing: from $179.00 / month

What People Are Saying

It really improved communication between all the team members: architects, contractors, developer. Everyone on the team was logging in all the time.
Every day after work my crew and I would review our progress on the TimeCam player.
The final time-lapse has been a great marketing tool to show off our project.

John Paone
Partner, Alfred Horie Construction Co. LTD.

It's our virtual portfolio. With our time-lapse players we show our prospective customers exactly what we've already done and what we can do for them.
I'm very satisfied with the service, it's a great addition to my toolbox.

Waclaw H. Lupa - LEED AP
Vice president, N. L. Construction, Inc.

TimeCam.TV ArchivePro Recording

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TimeCam.TV is Better Than the Competition

Time-Lapse, its the TimeCam.TV advantage

Our competitors offer a similar service, with the ability to browse to any image via a calendar. But, their only real time lapse feature is a small low-quality video.
Its Fast
If you've used our competitors products, you'll be amazed at how fast you can access your images with TimeCam.TV.
At TimeCam.TV time-lapse is in our DNA.
With TimeCam you can browse to any time-point in the image archive, but also to any time-range.
Viewing a time-range allows you to instantly view the progress that occurred over any time period - a day, a week, a year, or the entire project as a time-lapse.
Time-lapse while zoomed in
You can even view a time lapse while you are zoomed into an area of the image.
The Timeline
It's not just about time lapse. Our helpful timeline control allows you to quickly and intuitively find what you are looking for.
Choose your time range, and then use the timeline to browse your images.
Its Fast
It really is fast.
The TimeCam Express Player
You get two players. You'll mostly be using the full ArchivePro player. But, you also get the simple, streamlined Express player for sharing your progress on your website.
It's a time-lapse video player that always shows the latest from your project.
Its Fast
Did we mention that its kind of fast?

Better and Cheaper

We've got something to prove.
TimeCam.TV is not only better, it's cheaper.
Ask for a quote from our competitors, you'll be suprised by our value.

View TimeCam.TV ArchivePro Pricing.

TimeCam.TV Values: Transparency and No Contract

Other construction camera services don't publish their pricing up front. Why not?

At TimeCam.TV, we strive to be a company that we would want to do business with.

We publish all our prices online. You can sign up for our service with no contract, and just pay month to month. And you don't need to buy a camera from us to use our service, making TimeCam.TV even more affordable and easy to work with.
Give us a try...we've got a 15 day free trial with no strings attached.


TimeCam.TV is a service by TimeScience LLC.
Please visit for information on our TimeWindow products and custom time lapse solutions.