Snowbird SnowCam

Snowbird Ski Area's Snowcam

Update October 13, 2008:
The SnowCam is up and running in preparation for the 2008/09 season. Come back and checkout how the snowpack is shaping up.

Mobile Phone Users
Use your internet enabled phone to get the latest Snow Report and SnowCam info at

Q: How does it all work?
A: The snow measuring board, sporting the Snowbird logo and a ruler with 4”, 8”, 12” and 16” gradations, is mounted on a winch that allows it to be raised or lowered to the surface of the snow. The SnowCam is mounted roughly 10 feet away and is also raised and lowered with a winch. The whole scene is lit so you’ll be able to see the snow falling at any time of the day or night.

The measuring board is cleaned off daily at 4 p.m.* so you can see snow totals after Snowbird has closed for the day. *Please note that we try to clean the board off daily but sometimes conditions will not permit this.

Q: Why does the SnowCam show more/less than the Snow Report?
A: Our Snow Report publishes a 24-hr snow total but the SnowCam is only showing the snowfall since 4 p.m. the previous day.

Also, Snowbird is a BIG mountain and during a storm different areas of the resort can receive vastly different amounts of snow. Wind, temperature and elevation all affect snow totals so when publishing our Snow Report we try to provide a measurement that indicates the average amount of new snow that you will see on the slopes. Many areas of the mountain will have considerably MORE snow than what is listed on the Snow Report but some areas may have less.

When viewing the SnowCam remember that you are ONLY seeing a measurement at the top of Gad Two. Wind, temperature and elevation may cause other areas of the mountain to have considerably more, or less, snow. Another factor affecting the SnowCam is that it is in a very sunny area and we don’t clean off that measuring board as often as we clean the equipment that measures snowfall for our Snow Report. Because of this the SnowCam shows how much the snow has settled and this can be up to 50% in a 24-hr period.

Q: How does the camera picture get to
A: The SnowCam uses cutting edge wireless broadband technology to transmit images over 1 mile of rugged terrain from the Gad 2 study plot at 9840’ to Hidden Peak at 11,000’.

Q: What are the future plans for the SnowCam?
A: We will be expanding the functionality of the SnowCam a time lapse of the last 24 hours and possibly other new features. We will clean off the measuring board every day at 4:00 PM so you’ll know exactly how much snow has fallen for the next day’s session. We even have plans for a WAP feed that will allow SnowCam viewing from your cell phone!




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